Officer Job Descriptions

Officer Selection:

  1. Officers will stand for election each year, except for Treasurer.  If an officer is willing to serve an additional year, they may do so and, in fact, are encouraged to serve 2 years.  The out going officer must train their replacement and willingly answer questions which may arise. This will facilitate a positive continuity and “flow” for the organization.
  2. A nominating committee will be appointed at the July Luncheon meeting and will be charged with presenting a slate to the members at the September Luncheon meeting.
  3. This slate will be posted on the putter web site so as to inform our seasonal members.
  4. Anyone may add their name or the name of a willing member to this slate at the October meeting, or up to the voting date in November… by contacting a member of the nominating committee either in person or via email. The nominating committee members names and email addresses will be provided to facilitate this process.
  5. Those elected will be installed at the first meeting in January.
  6. Persons holding office must be year-round members as our organization meets all year. *It is important to note that seasonal members are encouraged to participate on event committees throughout the time they are in residence here.


Duties of the President – 1 Year Term

  1. The President shall be chief executive and administrative officer and shall preside at all meetings.
  2. The President shall act as ex-officio member of all committees and shall appoint all chairpersons deemed necessary.
  3. Notify Robson office that you are new contact person.
  4. Make announcements before putting, as necessary.
  5. Act as the only contact with Robson personnel, including individual member issues.
  6. Have your name listed as check signer.
  7. Call board meetings as needed.

Duties of the Vice President – 1 Year Term

  1. The Vice President shall act as assistant to the President and in the President’s absence, perform the duties of the President. In the event the President cannot complete her term, the Vice President shall serve as President for the balance of the term and be eligible for nomination and election to the office for the coming term is she chooses.
  2. The Vice-President shall act as ex-officio member of all committees and shall appoint all chairpersons deemed necessary.
  3. Have name listed as check signer.
  4. Provide lunch count to Robson Banquet Manager, one week prior to the luncheon and pay the luncheon amount due to Manager following the luncheon.  Check will be obtained from the Treasurer
  5. Work with the statisticians to determine number of putters eligible for gift cards*. Purchase the gift cards from Pro Shop before the luncheon. Prepare listing of putters eligible for the gift cards and distribute the cards at the luncheon.
  6. Coordinate with the treasurer to gather checks for the gift cards and luncheon.
  7. Attend Board Meetings as called.
  8. Order and pick up new name tags and annual awards from Custom Plus.  Order tags on 15th and 30th of each month.
  9. Order new score cards when needed.  Ordered from Busy Bee (600 at a time).
  10. Eligibility for Gift Cards: Scoring is based on 6-week segments. The first week of the segment is the week of the luncheon, ending the week prior to the next luncheon. To be eligible for a gift card, the putter must putt 4 out of the 6 weeks and be in attendance at the luncheon. Gift card amounts are determined by adding the total dollar fees for each week in the 6 week segment, multiply by 80%, divide this number by the number of eligible putters (round off for whole or half $, i.e. $6.00, $6.50).

Duties of the Treasurer – 2 Year Term

  1. The treasurer shall have charge of all moneys of the organization, pay all bills when due and keep an itemized account in a permanent file of all receipts and expenditures.
  2. Make deposits to the bank.
  3. Provide accounting/balance at luncheon meetings.
  4. Transfer all records to her successor at the end of her term. *Such records to be kept for (3) years.
  5. Attend Board Meetings as called
  6. Check in putters and collect $1.00 weekly fee each Wednesday morning.
  7. Pay money hole winners.
  8. Audit by 2 non Board Members of putters, annually during month of January.

Duties of the Secretary – 1 Year Term

  1. Attend membership meetings/luncheons and take minutes of each meeting.
  2. Type minutes within one week and email to the QCLP President for review.
  3. Once you receive the President’s approval/input, email minutes to the QCLP webmaster, who will post them on the QCLP web site.
  4. Maintain a hard copy of the approved minutes and, at the end of 2-year term, hand off the binder of minutes to the new secretary. *Such records to be retained for (3) years, unless there is something of extreme importance to be kept “forever”…i.e., the information pertaining to the formulation of this organization.
  5. Attend Board Meetings as called.

Duties of the Membership Chair – 1 Year Term

  1. Maintain the official membership roster.
  2. Register new members and turn in checks to the treasurer.
  3. Collect annual dues and turn checks in to the treasurer.
  4. Communicate membership information (new and renewal) to statisticians and treasurer within 5 days of accepting the membership forms and money.
  5. Assist the Treasurer with weekly check-in
  6. Work with the treasurer to facilitate a timely transfer of all moneys collected from membership and weekly putting. This should be able to be completed within the same time frame of the statisticians’ communication.
  7. Attend Board Meetings as called.
  8. Pick up checks and Membership forms in Pro shop.

Board Members

Duties of the Statisticians

  1. Record weekly scores and holes-in-one for 6-week period and annual awards. Maintain and adjust handicaps for awards and inter-team play & special events.
  2. REQUIREMENTS:  A.  Excel program on computer B.  Maintains all records     C.  Produces 6-weekly stats
  3. PROCEDURES: Weekly: Collect scorecards. Note money hole and number of holes-in-one. 6-Week Cycle: Post scores and holes-in-one. (This is easiest done after the 4th week and after the 6th week.)
  4. Integrate new members into score sheet. Print out 6 week record, noting low net (Definitions/Explanation “A”) and most holes-in-one (Definitions/Explanation “B”). Inform President of low net and hole-in-one winners, any money hole winner, anyone with a first-time score under 40, first time at 36, and any score below 36. Transfer low net and holes-in-one to annual tally. Replace old handicap* with new; clear record of weekly posting, change dates to reflect the next 6 week period.
  5. Annually: Total holes-in-one for the 9 6-week periods. Average low net for those who have 6 or more scores for the 9 6-week periods. Inform President so these names can be recognized and added to the QCLP plaques. Print out annual records and add to notebook.
  6. Definitions/Explanations:
    1. Low Net – Must putt 4 times in 6-week period in order for: Low net to count toward monthly or annual award Handicap to be adjusted. (New players will not have a handicap until satisfying the above requirement; maximum handicap is 15.)
    2. Most Holes-in-one – Holes-in-one are cumulative regardless of times/period of play. Time: Every 6 weeks: about 4-5 hours for primary record keeper.
  7. Maintain records for 3 years, cards for one year.

Duties of Set-Up

  1. Keep the official book listing the names of each person responsible for the weekly set up on the putting green. There will be two (2) people each week. *At least one of the set up people must have performed the task previously and be able to support a “new” person in fulfilling this duty.
  2. Notify the responsible parties via email or phone call to remind them of their duty that week.
  3. Submit the names of the people to the webmaster so that she may include the information on the monthly calendar which is available on the Putter Website and/or Monday Morning Message.

Chips & Scorecards


  1. Report 5 minutes before check-in time to pull out score boards and score cards. Attach pens.
  2. After paying their dollar, each putter pulls a chip to determine which hole they will start on. If someone brings a guest then that chip is held out of the bag for one round.
  3. After putting is done, collect all boards and pens, put blank cards on the boards for the following week. Store box in the cabinet in the lobby of the club house.


  1. You must obtain the scorecards. *The scorecards are stored in the Madera Clubhouse cabinet.  Notify Putter Vice-President if the box with cards is low, to reorder..
  2. Prepare scorecards as follows:
    1. Write the hole number on the front of the scorecard.
    2. Circle the hole number for the corresponding card.
    3. Place a “dot” in the upper left corner for the first three holes to be played starting with the corresponding card/hole.
    4. Rubber-band completed sets of cards and place them in the “SCORECARDS” box that is located in the cabinet in the hall of the Madera Clubhouse that is near the entrance to the bar/lounge area.

Duties of Luncheon Chairs & Sunshine

  1. Two members usually make up this committee.  Can be done by one person.
  2. Secure the most recent menu item selection sheet available before meeting with the catering director. Have the list of dates to secure for lunch/meetings for the year.
  3. Before meeting with the Catering Director, have a plan in mind.
  4. Try to learn about members’ illnesses and deaths in members’ families. Ensure that the member is comfortable with public acknowledgement of the illness or death. If so, purchase an appropriate card to be signed by other Putter members and mail it.
  5. Call the director to schedule a meeting at least 2 months before year end (Oct./Nov). In the meeting, compile the entire year’s menu if possible. Ask for party sheets for each function. Make at least two copies of the party sheets, one for each committee member and one for the QCLP president.

Duties of Publicity/Communications

  1. Take photos of events and create a website album (preferable) or picture album for historical purposes.
  2. Generate articles to be submitted to the Quail Creek Crossing promoting the activities and events of the Putters organization. Submit these articles to the President for review & approval prior to submitting them to the newspaper.
  3. As appropriate, submit information to the Quail Creek HOA website and work with our webmaster to have such information linked back to our website when required.

Duties of Webmaster

  1. Maintain the integrity of the web site, verifying accuracy of data
  2. Moniter domain name, to assure timely renewal